NJPW Direction Post G1, STARDOM's 5 Star GP, NOAH's N1 Victory

July 2022

Kiyomiya Breaks Through, G1 Climax 32 Begins, Around the Rings of Japan
This is a truncated issue, with the next issue likely getting back to a more normal format and schedule. Thank you for your patience and understanding…

June 2022

Best of the Super Junior, Stardom Flashing Champions PPV, Around the Rings

May 2022

Ishii-Kingston Classic, Big AJPW Weekend in Sapporo, Around the Rings of Japan
NOAH Turmoil, Aoyagi wins Champion Carnival, Around the Rings of Golden Week in Japan!
Bullet Club and BoSJ Reveal, Shiozaki Takes GHC Title, MIRAI is Cinderella, and Korakuen Celebrates

April 2022

NJPW Windy City Riot, Stardom Cinderella Quarterfinals, and a trip Around the Rings!
AJPW Champion Carnival, NJPW Hyper Battle, and a Trip Around the Rings of TJPW, STARDOM, and more
STARDOM Cinderella Tournament, Champion Carnival Preview, Around the Rings of NOAH, NJPW, and more!
STARDOM World Climax, ZSJ's New Japan Cup, and Around the Rings

March 2022

ZSJ-Ospreay and NJ Cup, TJPW and DDT Take Ryogoku, Around the Rings of NOAH and AJPW